Neighbourhood Planning

We are entering into a new era for planning. The Government is placing a renewed emphasis on planning at the local level because it believes that local people know best what loca lneeds are and how they can be met. A key component of the new approach to planning is the Neighbourhood Plan.


This new type of plan will mean that local communities will be able to come together to shape the future of their area.


Neighbourhood Plans provide a great opportunity for you to have more influence on how the places  in which you live and work will change overtime. Your local knowledge,and your sense of what needs to be protected and what needs to change, can really make a difference.

Neighbourhood Planning in Wychavon

Neighbourhood Planning will sit within the strategic focus of the South Worcestershire Development Plan, once adopted in late 2013. The Act introduced new planning tools to allow communities to shape and manage new development in their local areas to include:

  • Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs)
    NDPs in Wychavon can be prepared only by Parish or Town Councils. NDPs allow a partnership of neighbourhoods, including businesses, residents and interested parties to develop policies that, subject to an independent examination and community referendum, will become part of the planning framework for land uses in their local area.
  • Neighbourhood Development Orders (NDO) & Community Right to Build (CRB)
    Communities can use a NDO or a CRB to permit the development they want to see in their area without the need to obtain specific planning permission. This could be identified through a statutory (governed by planning law) or non - statutory (not subject to planning law) document. Further information can be viewed on the 'Our Neighbourhood Planning' website.
  • Neighbourhood Development Plan Protocol
    To help Parish and Town Councils to understand the Council’s role in Neighbourhood Development Plans process, Wychavon has produced a protocol which sets out how Neighbourhood Development Plans will be taken forward. Protocols will also be prepared in due course for NDOs and CRBs and will be updated on this page once completed. Wychavon's protocol is available by clicking the link below:

          Wychavon's Neighbourhood Planning Protocol

How to shape where you live
A very useful guide to neighbourhood planning
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A Guide to Localism
A guide to help communities, local authority officers,councillors, developers, businesses and others to choose the best path through the localism maze.
Localism guide PRINT.pdf
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